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Ayreon was a minstrel who lived in Britain during the 6th century and was the reluctant subject of the final experiment.

Early LifeEdit

Little is known of Ayreon's life prior to the experiment. Born blind, Ayreon had accepted his disability and learned to enjoy the sensations his other senses allowed, though he still yearned for sight. (Nature's Dance). He was a minstrel with great singing ability.

Ayreon's QuestEdit

In 584 after a lifetime of darkness suddenly Ayreon could see. He received visions of the future of mankind and its downfall, sent back from the year 2084 in an effort to change history. Confused by the visions, Ayreon questioned their meaning, whether they were a fantasy or an image of things to come and whether or not he had somehow obtained God-like powers. (Prologue, The Awareness, Eyes of Time)

Correctly determining them to be from the future, the visions inspired him to write new songs of their meaning, describing the darkness of things to come. This enraged the inhabitants of the village in which he lived. They banished Ayreon, who was forced to wander the countryside alone. (The Banishment)

Ayreon managed to make his way to King Arthur's court where he was granted the opportunity to sing his songs for the King and his knights. At first he sang fantastic tales of the Knights of the Round Table and their quest to find Avalon. (Sail Away to Avalon) However as his visions intensified, his songs grew darker and turned into warnings with the hope that the king would listen and change the way he ruled over his domain to change the terrible future he saw. (Computer Reign, Waracle, Listen to the Waves)

Eventually Ayreon's strength began to fade as he found his premonitions becoming too much too handle and he grew angry at the "Lords of Time" who had forced this quest upon him. (Magic Ride).

Merlin claimed to see Ayreon as a danger to the court, while simultaneously seeing his genuine ability to see the future as a threat to his position. Merlin therefore uses his magic to charm Ayreon and subsequently erase him from history. (Merlin's Will, The Charm of the Seer) However, as he did he saw that all of Ayreon's predictions were true and that he had killed the one last hope for mankind. (Ayreon's Fate)

Life After DeathEdit

Upon his death, Ayreon's spirit was freed and roamed the cosmos in a state where time had no meaning. Seeing that by 2112 mankind had vanished, he was deeply saddened that his mission had failed but decided to set out and find a new home in which he could live. (Carried by the Wind)

Mr. L experienced visions like Ayreon's, including those of the minstrel's life, after his involvement in the Electric Castle experiment, seeing how Ayreon's words were wasted just like his own were in the present. (The Truth is in Here)

The creators of the Time Telepathy Experiment, the so called "Lords of Time" were also aware of Ayreon's efforts. (2084) However, they noted how only one ancient line of history was altered by his actions. (E=mc 2)