Ayreon - Ayreon's Fate (The Final Experiment) 1995

Ayreon - Ayreon's Fate (The Final Experiment) 1995

Ayreon's Fate is the fifteenth and final song of The Final Experiment. Its length is 6:55. It is preceded by Swan Song and concludes the album.


Merlin casts his spell on Ayreon, even though Ayreon tries to explain to him that he's not the enemy.

When Merlin has cast his charm, he receives a vision that proves Ayreon was genuine. He doesn't want to pass into history as a martyr, so he devises a plan to pass Ayreon's word in the 20th century.



Ayreon's fateEdit

Ayreon desperately attempts to convince Merlin of his sincerity, but Merlin won't hear of it and casts his spell on poor Ayreon

Misguided Merlin
You fail to understand
I could never be your rival
I was just a pawn
In a future master-plan
For the purpose of survival

Ayreon, I've cast my spell on you
I have no faith you cannot be true

I forgive you Merlin
For you don't know what you've done
Even for you it was all a mystery
One day you'll see
That I was the one
Who could change the course of history

Ayreon, your words are all in vain
Close your eyes there'll be no more pain
Oh, Ayreon...

Merlin's prophecyEdit

Merlin is stricken with grief for he has a vision that proves Ayreon to be genuine. Reluctant to pass into eternity as the martyr of mankind, Merlin vows that Ayreon's word will yet be spread in the 20th century, in the hope that it will not be too late and that man will heed his premonitions.

I see one day
His story will be told
At the end of the 20th century
I see one day
The truth will unfold
And the quest has now begun
Oh Ayreon!

I hope one day
That man will understand
It's in his power to change his destiny
I hope one day
He'll do all that he can
And all the nations will be one
Oh Ayreon!


The outcome of the final experiment has now been placed in your hands........

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