Ayreon - Bay Of Dreams (The Source) 2017

Ayreon - Bay Of Dreams (The Source) 2017

Bay of Dreams is the fifth song of the second disc of The Source . It is the first song of Chronicle 4: The Rebirth, and the twelfth song of the album. The length is 4:25. It is preceded by Into the Ocean and followed by Planet Y Is Alive!.

Plot Edit

Several characters have serious doubts about their future. The Chemist wonders if he will ever be able to forget the past cataclysms. TH-1 fears he will be disengaged as he may no longer serve a purpose to the new aqueous humans.

The Prophet has visions of the new humanity that will be created in the distant future, and also of it's end.

Characters/singers Edit

The Diplomat (Michael Eriksen)

The Prophet (Nils K. Rue)

TH-1 (Mike Mills)

The Chemist (Tommy Rogers)

The Historian (James LaBrie)

Lyrics Edit


We’ve arrived at our new home we call the Bay of Dreams
Our abode beneath the flow of endless silver streams


Will I ever be free from the ghosts of my past?
Will I ever succeed to find last?


Overhead, a savage sky beyond our placid bay
Deadly rays from Sirrah’s eye, upon the seas they blaze


Will I ever adapt to this alien life?
Will I ever feel trapped, merely trying to survive?


Will you still be needing me?
Will you still be feeding me?
Will you still be heeding me?
Will you still let me serve when you mutate into the species roaming these oceans?
Or will I be disengaged?


My life is winding down, as if time has ceased
My world grinds to a halt and nature is at peace
My fears are fading in the wastelands of the deep
My doubts all wash away by the freely twisting streams

In the Bay of Dreams


Far beyond in the Aftertime, a new world to come
In a far-off galaxy, underneath a distant sun
I see our children, they look like you and me
They await their destiny, I can almost hear their screams

In the Bay of Dreams

"Into the Ocean"
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