Cosmic Fusion is the fifth song on the second CD of Into the Electric Castle, and the twelfth song of the entire album. It is seven minutes and twenty-seven seconds long. It is preceded by Tower of Hope, and followed by The Mirror Maze.




Soar on the breezeEdit

Spirits - flying (I soar on the breeze)
Mortals - dying (I soar on the breeze)
Into the sun

Lovers - crying (I soar on the breeze)
Demons - sighing (I soar on the breeze)
Into the sun

I'm drawn towards the sun
And then we will be one
My soul will melt into the universe

FUTUREMAN: It's all a lie
ROMAN: You will just die
FUTUREMAN: So don't give in
ROMAN: For we can win

Death's gruntEdit

I am the breeze

The bringer of rest and ease

I am the wind

The forgiver of those who've sinned

I am the storm

I blow the devil's horn

I am the fire

The bringer of lust and desire

I am the sun

The joining has begun

I am your fate

The guardian at the gate

I am death and I claim your final breath!

Screams †

The passing of an eagleEdit

[Eagle sounds]

"Tower of Hope"
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