Dark Medicine

Dark Medicine

Dark Medicine is the twentieth song in The Theory of Everything. It is also the twentieth song on the first CD, and the ninth song in Phase II: Symmetry. It is one minute and twenty-three seconds long. It is preceded by "Quantum Chaos" and followed by "Alive!".

Liner Notes Edit

"The Father meets with the Psychiatrist, this time... alone."


The Father: Mike Mills

The Psychiatrist: John Wetton

Lyrics Edit

I know why you’re here
You’re a fellow man of science
Our point of view is very much alike

The choice is clear
I don’t need to be convinced
Denying him this chance just isn’t right

Give him one a day
That’s the safest place to start
At such a tiny dose, the risks are low

Keep it between you and me
Oh, they would never understand
Let’s both agree that no one needs to know

"Quantum Chaos"
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