Diagnosis is the thirteenth song on The Theory of Everything. It is also the thirteenth song on the first CD, and the second song in Phase II: Symmetry. It is two minutes and forty-eight seconds long. It is preceded by "The Consultation" and followed by "The Argument 1." Flute and bass flute are provided by Jeroen Goossens. Mini moog solo by Rick Wakeman.

Liner Notes Edit

"The Psychiatrist informs the Mother and Father of his findings. But will they accept the unconventional course of treatment he suggests?"


The Father: Mike Mills

The Mother: Cristina Scabbia

The Psychiatrist: John Wetton

Lyrics Edit

Yes, I’m afraid I see signs of impairment
But there is something more
He’s an exceptional savant, one in a million

His mind is ablaze with distraction
But maybe I can help
I’m testing a new drug that can help him focus

Please tell us more, that sounds intriguing
Can he join your clinical trial?
If he could concentrate he could help me
He might even be of some use!

Center the mind, cut straight to the core
Brighten the flame, break open the cage
Shatter the wall, shut down the noise
Soften the pain, sharpen the brain

I have to confess it’s experimental
I’m still running through the tests
The side effects could include extreme delusions

No! Not on my life, I’ll never allow it!
No matter what we could win
I won’t let you endanger my child
I refuse to play dice with his life

"The Consultation"
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