Earth is the third planet in the Sol system and the home world of the Human race. Formed 9.5 billion years after the Big Bang, Earth is a terrestrial planet covered mostly in water oceans and large landmasses with various climates.


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Early HistoryEdit

Ayreon fifth extinction

The fifth extinction.

Rise of CivilizationEdit

6th centuryEdit

8th centuryEdit

20th centuryEdit

  • 1900: The Forever accelerate Human development further, bringing about innovations in science and medicine. (Unnatural Selection).
  • 1969: Humans land on the Moon for the first time in their history. (One Small Step)

The Computer AgeEdit

Fall of ManEdit


  • By 2085, any survivors cannot live long and perish in the nuclear wasteland, even their remains destroyed by gamma rays. The Earth is silent. (The Sixth Extinction: "Radioactive Grave", "2085")

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