Earth is the third planet in the Sol system and the home world of the human race. Formed 9.5 billion years after the Big Bang, Earth is a terrestrial planet covered mostly in water oceans and large landmasses with various climates.


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Early HistoryEdit

Ayreon fifth extinction

The fifth extinction.

  • Earth forms from the protoplanetary disk surrounding its parent star Sol in the Milky Way Galaxy.
  • Half a billion years after this formation, the Earth is visited by a Universal Migrator which begins the process of life formation on the planet. (To the Solar System: "Planet of Blue")
  • After just under 4 billion years of development the planet Earth is teeming with life. However a massive impact event caused by a comet sent by the Forever race billions of years earlier causes mass-extinction, including the destruction of the dinosaurs. (The Fifth Extinction: "Collision Course")
  • Contained within the comet and now released onto the Earth are genetic samples of the Forever. These extremophiles lay dormant until the right conditions for life are restored. (The Fifth Extinction: "From the Ashes")
  • By 50,000 BC the Forever DNA has combined with the indiginous mammalian genetic structure to give rise to the human race.
  • Humanity's progress is accelerated by the Forever, granting them advances in intelligence and culture. (The First Man on Earth, Waking Dreams)
  • Already by 2800 BC Humans are beginning to show their significant advances with the construction of Stone Henge using a mysterious magic/science in Wiltshire, England. (And the Druids Turn to Stone)

Rise of CivilizationEdit

6th centuryEdit

8th centuryEdit

20th centuryEdit

  • 1900: The Forever accelerate Human development further, bringing about innovations in science and medicine. (Unnatural Selection).
  • 1969: Humans land on the Moon for the first time in their history. (One Small Step)

The Computer AgeEdit

Fall of ManEdit

  • Ayreon earth polluted

    Earth in the late 21st century has become industrial and polluted.

    By the year 2084 one final devastating conflict destroys most life on the planet. (Waracle, 2084, The Sixth Extinction: "Echoes on the Wind").
  • At the same time, the environmental abuse of the 21st century Earth has left the surface scorched and the sky dim and polluted. (Listen to the Waves).


  • By 2085, any survivors cannot live long and perish in the nuclear wasteland, even their remains destroyed by gamma rays. The Earth is silent. (The Sixth Extinction: "Radioactive Grave", "2085")

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