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Ayreon forever

A Forever. Forever of the Stars may have looked similar.

Forever of the Stars was a powerful entity, a member of the Forever race of Planet Y who exhibited characteristics both typical and unusual of the Forever.

Before the Age of Shadows, Forever of the Stars was likely a typical member of his species. However, when his race underwent drastic changes he became more machine than Forever, reliant, like the others on his technological components to keep him alive. Something about him however must have been different from that of every other Forever, since unlike them he retained an individuality, as illustrated by choosing a unique name and making himself known to the Universal Migrator passing Y. (Out of the White Hole: "Planet Y") This individuality likely made him an instrumental part of the Forever's experiment to create humanity in order to rekindle their emotions. (Forever of the Stars was not directly mentioned in the album 01011001, but he was likely one of the Forever characters who sang throughout the album).

Some time after the creation of the Human race, Forever of the Stars devised the Electric Castle experiment in order to better study human emotions. He transported eight humans from throughout history into the New Dimension a place where time and space have no meaning, and made them set out to find the Electric Castle, a construct of amazing power in which he resided. When they finally found him, he revealed to them what he was, and explained how his species had lost their ability to feel eons ago and created Humans as their experiment. After this he returned them to their homes with no memory of what had happened. (Into the Electric Castle)

At some point after this he ran the Human Equation Program in the dream sequencer and finally regained his ability to feel emotions, the only Forever to do so before the new migrator finally breathed life back onto Y. (Day Twenty: Confrontation)