The thirty-second song in The Theory of Everything. It is the tenth song on the second CD, and the first in Phase IV: Unification. It is two minutes and thirty seconds long. It is preceded by "Fortune?", the last song in Phase III: Entanglement, and followed by "The Lighthouse." Irish bouzouki provided by Michael Mills, low whistle by Troy Donockley, and cello by Maaike Peterse.

Liner Notes Edit

"3 months ago

The Girl has not seen the Prodigy since she told him to leave. She reaches out to his Mother comfort, wondering if there wasn't more she could have done."

Lyrics Edit

I feel his shadow looming over me
Leaving me defeated and confused
His eyes still haunt me, if only I’d done more
Maybe I gave up on him too soon…

I share your sorrow, but we are not to blame
His heart has always been a mystery

[Girl and mother:]
We’ll never fathom, we’ll never understand
Did he ever need us, were we real
Or mere reflections in a mirror of dreams?

What holds his future, how will he survive?
Without us to save him from himself
Where has he run to, will he return?
I hope he knows I wish him well

It’s up to him now, there’s nothing we can do
I fear we cannot give him what he needs

[Girl and mother:]
Are we but phantoms inside his tangled mind?
Will he ever need us, are we real…
Ore mere reflections in a mirror of dreams?

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