Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo

Quid Pro Quo is the twenty-ninth song in The Theory of Everything. It the seventh song on the second CD, and the seventh song in Phase III: Entanglement. It is three minutes and nine seconds long. It is preceded by "Magnetism" and followed by "String Theory." Low whistle provided by Troy Donockley.

Liner Notes Edit

"2 years ago

The Prodigy has been living with the Girl for some time now, but her loving attention is not enough. Without the drug, the overwhelming chaos in his mind returns, shutting him down and causing him to return to his introverted self. The the Rival comes up with a compelling but devious suggestion."


The Prodigy: Tommy Karevik

The Girl: Sara Squadrani

The Rival: Marco Hietala

Lyrics Edit

Let’s make a deal
I’ll get you what you need
You know I am a brilliant chemist
I can duplicate your drug, but my offer has a price
If you want a new supply
You have to help me

Count me in, I’ll do anything you want
But isn’t it ironic?
The fates must be laughing
Your greatest enemy
Is the one who holds the key
What do you need from me?

I’ve found a way to infiltrate the banks
If you can break their algorithms
And bypass their systems
There’s millions to be made, and all without a trace
We can’t lose here

This can’t be true
Now who’s being used?
Don’t let it end this way
It hurts me to tell you, you’re gonna have to choose
What you really wanna do
Don’t let me down!

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