Side Effects

Side Effects

Side Effects is the twenty-sixth song in The Theory of Everything. It the fourth song on the second CD, and the fourth song in Phase III: Entanglement. It is two minutes and fifty-nine seconds long. It is preceded by "Collision" and followed by "Frequency Modulation." Violin is provided by Ben Mathot.

Liner Notes Edit

"3 years earlier

The Psychiatrist comes to the Father with disturbing news..."


The Father: Mike Mills

The Psychiatrist: John Wetton

Lyrics Edit

I’m afraid we’ve got a problem
The side effects have been confirmed
Severe psychosis and delusions
We have to stop the trial today
It’s too dangerous
The boy deserves to know what’s going on
What have we done?!

Son, there’s something I must tell you
I’ve been giving you a drug
I was convinced that I would hep you
Can you forgive me what I’ve done?

No! How could you live with that?
Deceiving your own son to serve yourself
You can go to hell…

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