The Time Telepathy Project has sent images of humanity's decline back into the past. Ayreon, a blind minstrel living in the 6th century, is the one who receives them. While he does not quite understand what is happening in these visions, he starts singing about them. When they pause he retreats back into his mind.


The Premonition Edit

A strange sensation comes over Ayreon, as if something mysterious is about to occur.


Dreamtime (words become a song)Edit

Suddenly a vision emerges in Ayreon's ever-black world and he finds himself singing about the horrid projections etched into his brain.


A cry in the silence

A shine in the dark

Like a rising star

The dream is coming

Images of violence

A fight through time and space

It's such a lonely place The dream has started

The smoke is rising

The vision's getting clearer And words become a song In the dreamtime

I've lost control

marooned and cold

I suffer the fears

of a future untold

I cannot change 

the shape of things to come

The smoke is rising

The vision's getting clearer

The hands of time are whirling around

I'm realising

The future's getting nearer

And words become a song

The awakeningEdit

Abruptly the vision ends and Ayreon recedes into his darkness.


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"Eyes of Time"