Ayreon The Final Experiment

"The outcome of the final experiment has now been placed, in your hands..."

You may also be looking for the event of the same name.


In 2084 mankind on the brink of collapse sends visions of its downfall into the past in one last effort to save itself, the final experiment.



By the late 21st century Earth has undergone a multitude of natural and man-made disasters. War and environmental catastrophe threaten the lives of every Human alive, while the dominance of computers raises the question of whether Human life has already lost its value.

Scientists in the year 2084 have one last chance to save mankind; to change the history of the planet and avert the fate it can no longer escape. Using the newly developed Time telepathy program, visions of humanity's decline are sent back in time with the hopes they will be picked up by individuals throughout history who can change the future into a long and prosperous one. (River of Time, E=mc 2, Prologue)

The DawningEdit

King Arthur's CourtEdit

Visual EchoesEdit

Merlin's Will and Ayreon's FateEdit


Song ListEdit

  1. Prologue
    1. The Time Telepathy Experiment
    2. Overture
    3. Ayreon's Quest
  2. The Awareness
    1. The Premonition
    2. Dreamtime (Words Become a Song)
    3. The Awakening
  3. Eyes of Time
    1. Eyes of Time
    2. Brainwaves
  4. The Banishment
    1. A New Dawn
    2. The Gathering
    3. The Accusation
    4. The Banishment
    5. Oblivion
  5. Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
  6. Sail Away to Avalon
  7. Nature's Dance
  8. Computer Reign (Game Over)
  9. Waracle
  10. Listen to the Waves
  11. Magic Ride
  12. Merlin's Will
  13. The Charm of the Seer
  14. Swan Song
  15. Ayreon's Fate
    1. Ayreon's Fate
    2. Merlin's Prophecy
    3. Epilogue

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