The Gift

The Gift

The Gift is the eighth song on The Theory of Everything. It is also the eighth song on the first CD and the eighth song in Phase I: Singularity. It is two minutes and thirty-eight seconds long. It is preceded by "Progressive Waves" and followed by "The Eleventh Dimension."

Liner Notes Edit

"The Teacher visits the Father, bringing him surprising news about his son."


The Father: Mike Mills

The Teacher: JB

Lyrics Edit

I’m glad you could meet me
I’m here about your son
I’ve never seen a mind like his
Especially so young

He’s got a gift for numbers
Never known before
An outstanding genius
Who shouldn’t be ignored

You must be mistaken
He’s useless and he’s weak
I see no sign of genius
The boy can hardly speak

He just sits there, lifeless
For hours at a time
No expression on his face
His eyes staring into space!

How can you be so heartless
There must be so much more that we can do

Who are you to judge me,
You don’t even know what we’ve been through!

Just give him more attention
You’ll see there’s more to him than meets the eye

Fine! I’ll try to help the child
Better not be wasting my time!

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