Ayreon - The Human Compulsion (The Source) 2017

Ayreon - The Human Compulsion (The Source) 2017

The Human Compulsion is the ninth song of the second disc of The Source . It is the fifth song of Chronicle 4: The Rebirth, and the sixteenth song of the album. The length is 2:16. It is preceded by Journey to Forever and followed by March of the Machines .

Plot Edit

All Forever members have their personal doubts about the future, their human nature, their past and themselves. The Prophet looks ahead to the events of The Universal Migrator.

Characters/singers Edit

The Opposition Leader (Tommy Karevik)

The President (Russell Allen)

The Diplomat (Michael Eriksen)

The Counselor (Simone Simons)

The Captain (Tobias Sammet)

The Prophet (Nils K. Rue)

The Chemist (Tommy Rogers)

The Biologist (Floor Jansen)

The Astronomer (Hansi Kürsch)

The Historian (James LaBrie)

Lyrics Edit


Do we belong here, do we hide behind our dreams?
Can we live without machines?


Can we resist our compulsion to explore?
Or will we always hunt for more?


Liquid Eternity perpetuates our lives
But will it paralyze our minds?


Without the danger, can we still evolve?
Will our passions all dissolve?


Remember Alpha, the source of human life
Will our history be revived?


The second coming of the Universal Soul
Will make our hollow spirits whole


Maybe one day, man will rise again
Standing tall as we were then


Is this our destiny, a life forevermore?
Or will we crave our time before?

[Opposition Leader]

Are we still human, buried in our minds?
Or did we leave ourselves behind?


Our tale’s not over, the circle’s incomplete
We won’t just vanish in the sea!

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