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[The last human on the Mars Colony had died, but his consciousness is transformed into the New Migrator. He follows the Migrator Trail to Planet Y, where he breathes life into the comatose Forever race by rekindling their emotions, thus ensuring that the spirit of man will live on. In the end, Mankind's brief existence has served a purpose after all.]

A) Epilogue


B) The Memory Remains

And in the end, when all the dreams are dreamt

All your desires have long dissolved

A feeling free, surreal serenity

A desperate search for truth resolved

All hope dispelled, forgotten dreams unquelled

The frailest link within the chain

Once brisk with life, too fragile to survive

A barren world devoid of pain

But the memory remains

Starlight breaks, the sleeper is awake

You understand your timeless quest

A dormant waste, a cold, forsaken place

Their bodies numb, their minds suppressed

You've felt the screams, you have dreamt the dreams

But most of all, you've lived the pain

They will revive, you will make them thrive

Your hopeless life's not lived in vain

For the memory remains

Can you feel them cry inside

Can you feel them die inside

You can still the screams in you

You can make their dreams come true

[Dream Sequencer system offline]

Remember forever...