The Rival's Dilemma

The Rival's Dilemma

The Rival's Dilemma is the fifteenth song on The Theory of Everything. It is also the fifteenth song on the first CD, and the fourth song in Phase II: Symmetry. It is two minutes and twenty-two seconds long. It is preceded by "The Argument 1" and followed by "Surface Tension." High whistle is provided by Troy Donockley, cello by Maaike Peterse, and flute by Jeroen Goossens.

Liner Notes Edit

"The Rival appears to have his own agenda"


The Rival: Marco Hietala

Lyrics Edit

So... what if they are right
And he’s so remarkable
How does that affect me?

Ever since I was a child
It all came so easy
I never had to try

If he’s as brilliant as they say
How will I be noticed
Now I’m not so special… anymore

I’m not sure why I’m afraid
No, he won’t beat me
Not without a fight, no!

One day I’ll show them I am the genius
One day the whole world will know
One day I’ll show them who he really is
One day they’ll know

"The Argument 1"
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"Surface Tension"