AYREON - The Theory Of Everything (Album Track)

AYREON - The Theory Of Everything (Album Track)

The Theory of Everything Part 1 is the second song on The Theory of Everything, the second song on the first CD and the second song in Phase I: Singularity. It is three minutes and one second long. It is preceded by "Prologue: The Blackboard," and followed by "Patterns."

Liner Notes Edit

"11 years earlier

The Father, a brilliant scientist, has devoted his life to finding the Theory of Everything, the equation that will fully explain and unite all physical forces of the universe. He's obsessively working day and night; unaware that his wife and introverted son need far more attention that he has been giving them. The Mother has always supported her husband's scientific pursuits, but the strain of dealing with their asocial child's special needs has worn her down to the point of desperation."


The Father: Mike Mills

The Mother: Cristina Scabbia

Lyrics Edit

I'm so close to the answer
A dazzling symphony of cosmic strings
I feel the pulse,
vibrating just out of reach
The music of space

One single master equation
Unification of the great and small
I hear the notes but the arrangement is wrong
And I'm starting to doubt, but I can't give up now I'm so near

Can't you see that I need you out here?
And what about our boy?
I think he's got something to give
What secrets lie... beyond these hollow eyes?

I'm sorry you feel neglected
But it's clear that you don't understand
I'm aware, and I want to be there
I just need some more time, for the answer is blindingly near

Are you trying to drive us away
Just when we need you most?
You might find he's got something to give
What secrets lie... beyond these eyes?

"Prologue: The Blackboard"
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