The Time Telepathy Experiment is a recurring event that is mentioned several times throughout the overarching Ayreon storyline. It is first mentioned at the beginning of The Final Experiment, which describes the visions which the blind minstrel Ayreon had received from the future.

In the year 2084, mankind is on the brink of self-destruction. In a last-ditch effort, scientists send visions of war and destruction to the past to avert their present, and create a long and prosperous present instead.

From the events described in 01011001, it becomes clear that the global war that threatens mankind, is actually caused by Forever uploading their science and knowledge to mankind. The upload was intended to prevent mankind from succumbing to a plague, but Forever overestimated mankind's moral abilities. Apart from saving themselves from disease, they also developed nuclear weapons with which they waged war. In order to prevent this from happening, Forever tried to fix their mistake by gifting the knowledge of the Time Telepathy to mankind.

It was received by a 21th century scientist, who sent the aforementioned visions to the past, where they are received by Ayreon. However, the wizard Merlin doesn't believe Ayreon, and believes him to be a threat, so he removes Ayreon from history. In a subsequent vision, he suddenly realises his mistake, but it is too late.

Back in the 21st century, the scientists see no change in the present, apart from a line in ancient lore. The experiment is ultimately a failure, and mankind is destroyed in nuclear fire.