The Universal Migrators were non-corporeal entities, "souls" that roamed the universe since the beginning of time with the ability to start the process of biological life on any celestial object.

The First MigratorEdit

In the very instant of the Big Bang the first Migrator soul was created. In the fraction of a second following the creation of the universe the migrator split into thousands of seperate entities, one of which was experienced by the Colonist via the Dream sequencer in the year 2112. (Chaos, Dawn of a Million Souls)

The Earth MigratorEdit

The New MigratorEdit

See main article: Colonist.

Upon his death in the dream sequencer, the Colonist's soul is transformed into a new migrator. Compelled by his journey through time and space, he heads for Planet Y where he ends the Forever's dependence on technology and rekindles their emotions by breathing the essence of Humanity onto their planet, thus completing the circle of life that the Forever began millions of years ago. (The New Migrator, The Sixth Extinction, The Memory RemainsThe Fifth Extinction)