Ayreon y comet

A comet passes close to Planet Y.

Y is a planet in the Andromeda Galaxy and the home world of the Forever race.


Located deep within the Nameless Nebulae, Y was formed at least 8 billion years after the big bang, presumably much earlier than even that. (Out of the White Hole) Once a planet covered completely in fields of crystal and underground oceans, Y evolved an ecosystem capable of sustaining life. While not certain, the majority of species evolved in the underground oceans. One species evolved a level of intelligence comparable to that of modern Humans and were able to leave their underwater home and colonize the surface of Y. (Beneath the Waves) After years of technological development, the race, Forever, covered the entire planet in giant machines designed to improve their quality of living, eventually granting them biological immortality. However, after so much use they became so dependent on their mechanical components that they lost their emotions and built infrastructure so tall that it blocked out the light from their own sun in a time known as the Age of Shadows. (Age of Shadows/We Are Forever, Liquid Eternity) (It is unclear whether or not the Forever became a technologically sophisticated race while still living underwater or after they moved above ground).

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